Optimization of sales channels Profits 30% Up!

This service which has a basic cost starting from 500 € + a variable turnover is dedicated to those structures that want to increase sales and consists of:

1 - Positioning on the main OTAs (such as,, Airbnb, ...) in the top positions.

2 - Review of the OFF Line and ON Line sales structure used by the Hotel and Optimization.

3 - Active management of prices and implementation of revenue management techniques based on data that VacationsPal manages with more than 8000 active structures.

4 - Review of technological tools looking for the best solution available at the best price.

5- implementation of VacationsPal PMS and Channel Manager software if possible.

The average increase in turnover that we achieve and the reduction in costs allows an increase in the profits of the structures we manage that goes from 30% to 200% on an annual basis.

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Service available from 500 € per month